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Hey There!
Feeling Stuck With Your Fitness Goals?? Tried All Sorts Of Crash Diets & Seems Like Nothing Really Works?? No Matter How Hard You Try, The Weight Scale Doesn’t Seem To Show You Any Different Numbers??

Allow me to help you out here!

I am Harriet, A Registered General Nurse based in London United Kingdom. I Have Lost Over 40 Pounds In just over A Year & Would Love To Help You In Your Fitness Journey Too! I am a mother to 3 beautiful children. After having travelled so far, in the search for a healthy lifestyle and an inspiring mindset, I have reached a stage where I can call myself a Motivational Speaker. I blog to write my experiences to inspire fresh minds and let them catch up with the factors that enable me to move ahead! You might as well like to check out my Instagram for some trendy and modish fashion tips! Apart from being a Nurse, a Speaker, a Blogger & a Fashionista, I aspire to strive to get better in all aspects of the journey of well-being!

My Personal Fitness Journey Has Inspired Me & Boosted My Confidence So Much That I Chose To Get an Education In The Field Of Health & Fitness, & will soon become a;

  • Certified Weight Loss Specialist
  • Certified Nutrition Coach
  • Youth Exercise Specialist

I have gained control over more than just my body. Allow me to give you a glimpse of my fascinating fitness journey. I have realised that exercise not only changes the body, but the mood, the attitude, the mind, the mood, the day, and a life! The one thing that I decided to change before taking up fitness, was my mindset. Mindset decides just everything about your journey, including the results!

The Body Achieves, What The Mind Believes!

And I want to guide you, with just that. I want to help you start with the right mindset and the right intention, which will keep you motivated to take the right actions! I don’t believe in handing over the guidelines to let people follow through all alone! I aspire to guide people like you on every step of your journey and keep you motivated throughout till you reach your desired weight and fitness goals! I want to help you in setting challenging yet achievable goals!
I want you to keep going till you get there.
I believe in providing tips, accessories, and ideas to help you reach your goals faster, but I would also tell you how you can keep the body that you have achieved!

If You Wish To Know More About Me & Witness My Fitness Journey Go Check

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bodylove_bodygoals/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bodylove.bodygoals

Get In Touch Through:
Mobile: +44 7847 884383
E-Mail: info@bodylovebodygoals.co.uk

Each New Day Brings A New Opportunity! Take It And Make The Most Out Of It!

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