About us



Why was this brand Started?
I am Harriet (the founder), I am a registered nurse based in London. In 2020, I realised my weight was affecting my physical, mental, and emotional health adversely. That is when I had the personal conviction it was time to start! And that is when I started changing my diet, weight training coupled with cardio exercises and experimenting with various types of workout routines.
I lost weight and found my passion for fitness.

With incessant and passionate training, I realised how easy it was to achieve fitness goals with the right mindset and inspired actions! I wanted to share this feeling with everyone out there who are struggling to make their bodies look fitter and feel better!
The goal now is to condition the mind at the beginning of one’s fitness journey to achieve the best outcome!
I want to help you reshape your attitude before you reshape your body!

We want to help you become the best version of yourself, physically and mentally!
We believe charity begins at home and this allows us to give out health and fitness related tips and commodities to the ones in need.
Help us help others who connect with the cause of health and well-being.

Let’s Elevate To The Next Level Together!